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When it comes to DC, everyone seems to be in power mode.  Power suit, power walking, power stares from across the bar… And at The Source, Wolfgang Puck’s restaurant–power eating.

We arrived for a 10 pm reservation.  When you stroll in the door for a meal starting as late as 10 pm, I would expect to be seated right away.  But the place, both the downstairs lounge area, and the upstairs restaurant was packed.  I wouldn’t have minded, but as we hung out and waited for our table no one stopped by to offer these two very thirsty girls a cocktail.

We were seated after a short wait.  The place has a high-end, trendy feel.  While ordering off the cocktail list, the waiter had no qualms about adopting my drink to my specifics, highball not a martini glass, bitters and tonic.  And was super friendly, two thumbs up for our service from the Lawrence, SC native.


a hybrid hendricks cocktail and a tequila martini

The drinks arrived quickly and were deliciously thirst quenching.  Accompanied by a tasty green bean and pecan sampling that was served as a snack–a nice, and far less carb-y departure from the usual basket of bread.


“Chinois Style” Chicken Salad, Chinese Mustard Dressing, Candied Cashews

We ordered a salad to share, and while this pescatarian chomped around the chicken–i have to say it was both huge and amazingly the delicious.  The dressing was just the right amount of tart to complement the sweet fried wonton strips and the candied cashews.  By the end of this course I was full, but more was still to come.


Singapore Prawns

For the entree, I ordered the prawns that came “Singapore style” meaning swimming in a deliciously spicy basil and smoke chili sauce.  The entree was supposed to come with roasted Bao buns, but came with a bowl split halfsiez of white and brown rice.  I’d have preferred, but the buns, but was content with the rice.  I don’t know what it is about really good, food, but for some reason you can eat about half the amount and get full way faster.  So I’m sorry to say, that I wasn’t even able to finish this delicious entree, before I was stuffed to the point of being unable to eat another bite.  And I really mean that, in fact I spent the last 5 minutes of the meal, looking at the unfinished portion while doubled over as my stomach battled it’s physical limitations and it’s desire to continue on the delicious journey it had embarked upon at the beginning of the dinner.

Overall, I enjoyed this journey to the Source.  But this isn’t a cheap eat.  For two people, 2 cocktails, 1 app, and 2 entrees we were hitting about $70 per person.

Overall Grade: A-

Service: B+

While we loved the server, points were deducted for not offering us a drink while waiting, and for not being informed of the bao bun, rice bowl switcheroo.

Food: A

Atmosphere: A


It’s packed through the night, so expect to make a reservation.