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Demi, Demi, Demi, you had it all.  The perfect long shiny hair, that beach bod in Charlie’s Angels, a young, hot guy who wasn’t just using you for your money.  But then everything fell to shambles.  The break up, the breakdown, the rehab, etc.  We knew it wasn’t going to do wonders for your image (physical or public).

But here’s the thing, Demi.  We don’t expect you to look like you’re 23 years old.  Especially in the wake of a nasty public split.  So when you star in an ad campaign that is so obviously photoshopped, it’s just kind of embarrassing.

What Demi looks like regularly, still totally gorg, and better than most women her age surely.The real Demi Moore: In this photograph of the 49-year-old star, the natural lines and contours of her face are evident - demonstrating how much airbrush work was done to the campaign images

What Demi looks like after someone goes photoshop happy, and basically just builds her face from scratch:

Boring holes into Ashton Kutcher’s soul.

 What do you guys think?  Am I overreacting here?  Has this level of photoshop become common fare?  Should I lay off poor Demi?  Let me know in the comments below!



Apparently this isn’t the first time Helena Rubinstein has gone overboard on photoshopping Demi like crazy.  Check out the comparison photo below from the ’09 campaign.