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If you had your head under a pillow for the last month or so, or have been off recovering from your latest lipo/facelift whatever at a medical spa (as we assume most target Vogue readers are), you may have missed when Vogue published an article about a totally batshit lady who made her 7 year old daughter go on a diet because she was too fat.  Okay, we find the concept of putting a 7 year old on a diet, a little hard to swallow, but chronicling the entire thing for Vogue is just down right pathologically evil.  Anyways, Vogue obviously decided that they needed to find a way to reconnect with the masses.  And this is how they are going to do it; by reminiscing about all the good ole times they had at the Ritz Paris while it is closed for renovations.  And how better to accompany those gems of memories?  Why by having Kate Moss pose in the hotel in ridiculously constructed poses!  Anyways, the rooms are gorg and so are the clothes, but there’s no harm in having a laugh!

(PS all captions are obviously added by us here at ARS.)

Whenever someone talks about the recession, I just let my mind go blank and practice posing for my portrait.  Carrying a purse is just so tedious!  I stash my cigs and such in my ginormous hat.

I don’t care if the floor is marble imported from Tuscany, my feet never touch anything other than couture!

Make room for me you stupid candelabra! 

What, you mean, you don’t sleep in ball gowns that match the sheets? 

Bitch, I own you.

Ugh, get me some caviar.

All that shopping on an empty stomach almost killed me.  But remember, NOTHING TASTES AS GOOD AS SKINNY FEELS!

Happy giggles!